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The Bibleway Institute of Christian Couseling

and Theological Studies

What is The Bibleway Institute?


  The Bibleway Institute of Christian Counselling, and Theological Studies is an institution with a focus on giving an opportunity to those who desire to learn and practice the art of Christian counselling.


  The Scriptural link of this institute is found within the Apostle Paul’s instruction given to Timothy, his son in the Lord, concerning studying the word. Paul told Timothy; he said: “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15.


  The Institute is offering a diploma program both in Christian counselling, and in Theology. The program goes for nine months (3 semesters), with two courses per semester. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, starting at 7:00 p.m., and finishing at 10:00 p.m. For each course completed, students earn four (4) credits.


Our Aim

  The aim of this Institute is that each student will be able to develop his or her potential to empower themselves, to be willing and effective helpers in the ministry of Christ, helping to restore wholesomeness in the mind, body, and spirit of the saints.

History of The Bibleway Institute


  The Bibleway Institute of Christian Counselling as it originated, was established by Dr. Daniel W. Cowans Sr. in the year 2000. This was immediately after he graduated with his degrees in Christian counselling and theology.


  This institute was started with a burning desire of Dr. Cowans' to give an opportunity to pastors, ministers, Sunday school workers, youth leaders, and other auxiliary workers, and lay members in our churches . . . who may not be able to go to Bible college immediately, to earn their degree, or for those who may not be able to attend such colleges at all, based on certain criteria which they may not be able to meet now, or in the future.


  Dr. Cowans felt that there was an urgent need to equip men and women with the necessary tools to get the job done; realizing that when people are informed, they will be more effective in their ministries, thus becoming more beneficial to those they serve.


  Our first class was started on September 7, 2000 with an enrolment of 11 students. 9 out of the 11 completed the course, and made it possible for our first graduation ceremony which was held on July 7, 2001 with the graduates receiving their diploma in Christian Counselling. At the graduation, we were honoured to have some of the professors from Canada Christian College participating in the ceremonies, also many friends and well wishers. But none stood as tall as the graduates, along with their families in the audience showering them with praise and congratulations.


  The Graduates were so enthused about the school, the program, and their own achievement, that they requested to come back and do their theological studies leading up to their diploma in Theology. Thus the new curriculum for theology was added to the Counselling program.

The Program

  The courses covered here are very intense, and are some of the same ones you will need in any other Bible school, or Theological seminary.


  Each course is dealt with from the Christian’s perspective, with the Holy Scriptures as our guide. There is an atmosphere of co-operation, respect, understanding, and reverence here.


  Each course is an hour and a half long each evening on its rotation. The students are required to do diligent work; they must complete in-class assignments, watch videos and do assessment of cases.    There are mid-term tests or papers on each course per semester, and then the end-of-term tests or papers to be done. Each course is graded for credit according to the standard grading system used in colleges and universities, and each student must maintain minimum grading before they are allowed to graduate.


Courses covered


  • Introduction to Psychology I and II

  • Marriage and Family Counselling I and II

  • Drug addiction and Counselling

  • Health and welfare in Parenting

  • Ethical issues in Counselling

  • Children’s growth and development

  • Christian Psychiatry I and II

  • Youth Ministry/Leadership

  • All the Doctrines of the Bible I and II

  • Old Testament Theology

  • New Testament Theology

  • Ministry of Teaching/Preaching

  • Pastoral Care and Counselling

  • Hermeneutics I and II

  • Biblical Counselling

  • Systematic Theology I, II and III

  • The Book Of Job

  • Romans I

  • New Testament Survey I (The Gospels) and II (Prison Epistles)


  Because of the duration of the program, and depth of the courses, some of them are combined for the benefit of the students. Also, after leaving here, students will be able to continue their education at other institutions in pursuit of their degrees in counselling and (or) theology.


An Iota of some of the Courses in Counselling
Premarital Counselling

  This course will outline the principles of the necessary preparation for a successful and happy marriage. This course focuses on the important ingredients of marriage; it emphasizes the necessary investment in the marriage and not just the wedding, in order to have a great life after the honeymoon. Remember, the wedding is a one-day event, but the marriage is a lifetime commitment. It is a solid foundation that sustains a building in the storm.

Marriage Counselling

  This course teaches couples how to effectively discharge their duties within the marriage, how to detect extra-marital invasions of different sorts, from the various angles. It will also equip the marriage partners with the knowledge of interpersonal skills, and problem solving abilities, which are important in safeguarding against the worst enemy of marriage, which is divorce.


Psychology of Counselling

  This course will definitely be an eye opener for many people, especially those who will have to deal with situations within and without the churches. Unfortunately many Christians have up their shield of protection against psychology, as it is seen as un-Godly and should not be practiced in the church. This course will allow you to see how effective psychology was used even in the time of Jesus Christ. It will help you to understand human beings, and the dynamics of their behaviour.


Ethical Issues in Counselling

  In this course the students will learn of the ethical principles that guide counsellors and their practices, also the boundaries that are set out to be followed by both counsellor and client alike. They will be led into the issues of confidentiality, competence, and responsibility, among others. What are the laws that govern counselling, and what do they mean? These and other crucial areas of the counselling process will be explored.


Growth and Development

  One of the most fascinating areas of study is the study of the growth and development of a human being. When does life begin? What are the concepts of conception, gestation, birth, growth, and maturity? How does genetics and environmental factors influence all the stages mentioned above. These are some of the delicate areas we will explore with the students.


Christian Psychiatry

  In this course, we will enter into recesses of who we really are, how we function on a daily basis, what are the factors that contribute to our well being. Why are we not all affected in the same way by the same events? We will delve into our responsibility in alleviating our stresses, so that they do not overwhelm and break us, we will learn coping skills, and diversion capabilities.
  In our society today, it is not uncommon for people to consider mental imbalances in an individual as demon possession, and therefore treat it as such. In this class we will “di-shelve” that illogical concept, and replace it with reality.

An Iota of Some of the Courses in Theology


All the Doctrines of the Bible

  In this course the students will be able to identify clearly what are the principles of their faith, and how to understand and practice them efficiently, and effectively. They will also uncover many hidden treasures in the word of God, they will also have an opportunity to define, compare, and contrast other religious bodies and their doctrines as they lined up with the word of God. This course is indeed a minefield.


Old and New Testament Theology

  In this course the students will have an opportunity to unmask many hidden truth of both Testament. It will be understood how the Old predicted the New, and how the New fulfilled the Old, and how both merges into one to fulfill the whole plan of God. In this study we will deal with the history of the past, the principles of the present, and the preparation for the future.

Ministry of Preaching/Teaching

  In this course the students will be motivated to find out his or her true calling as designed for him, or her by God, and to seek to abide in the same. Each student will be given an understanding of the responsibility of the preacher/teacher in order to edify the body of Christ. This course is to fulfill the mandate of Christ, and instruction of Paul, the latter as given in 2 Timothy 2:15. “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."


Pastoral Counselling

  This course is of particular interest to those who are in the pastoral field, or considering it. Every one who is convinced that the Lord has called him, or her to such office should take this course. The students will learn the techniques and skills of pastoral intervention, counselling principles, ethics in human relations, intense listening ability, and positive leadership skills. This is true; A leader is one who learned well to follow.



  Every student of the word must have an appetite for Hermeneutics. We will examine the proper interpretation and definition of the word of God as it affects human’s condition. We will explore the given reasons why “we must not put a question mark where God puts a period.” In this class each student must come armed with an inquiring mind, an open ear, a humble heart, and a subdued tongue. Because you want to hear what saith the Lord.


Systematic Theology

  In studying systematic theology the students will benefit form the knowledge of being able to systematize material for particular studies. Systematic Theology is one of the most important aspect of theological studies, it covers natural theology, Biblical theology, General and specific or special revelation, all the different doctrines, pre-tribulation, post-tribulation, and just about all the theories that you will come across. Therefore the student’s knowledge in systematic theology is vital. Please make this subject one of your passion in studying the word; you have all to gain, and nothing to lose.

Bibleway Church of God in Christ

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